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Ivylix Cough Syrup

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Ivylix Cough Syrup:
Firstly Ivylix Cough Syrup relieving
• Liquefies and removes mucus.
• Improves breathing

Active Ingredients:
Ivy Leaf Extract

So It is cough syrup, particularly when associated with hypersecretion of viscous mucus. As an Acute catarrh (inflammation)
of the respiratory tract accompanied by coughing: So symptomatic treatment of chronic inflammatory bronchial diseases.

  Effective for deferment types of cough Syrup (Dry & Productive):

  • Firstly, Very safe and well tolerated.
  • Secondly, This is suitable for people of all ages including children.
  •  The tasty cherry flavor makes it more pleasant and acceptable for children.
  • Lastly,  It contains no alcohol no sugar and no artificial colors .

So, here is the Solution for oral use of Ivylix syrup


Infant<1 year                                     2.5 ml Once Daily

Children 1-5 years                            2.5ml 3 Times Daily

School Children 6-12 years              5ml 3

Adults>12 years                                5-7.5ml, 3 Time Daily

Ivylix Syrup Composition

  • Ivy Leaf
  • Extract 35mg

Ivylix Syrup Drug Interactions:
So No specific drug interactions have been reported with this drug. However, it is recommended to avoid concomitant
use with drugs that have the same or opposite effects.

For Example, Keep the medicine at a temperature below 30. C, away from moisture, light, and children.
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