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Pirox Plus Shampoo

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Pirox Plus Shampoo

Firstly Pirox Plus Shampoo An Ultimate solution of dandruff

So Many self proclaimed hair loss experts tout this product as a 3rd adjunct to minoxidil/finasteride treatment in place of the typical

Pirox Plus Shampoo

Improves Dandruff and Flaky scalp, Suitable for dry hairs and Anti hair fall.


Pirox Plus Shampoo Indicated for

*Dandruff and Flaky scalp

*Suitable for dry hairs

*Anti hair fall

Moreover Strengthens fragile & weak hairs

*Provides a definitive solution of dandruff,

*Soothes the itching sensation of areas such as scalp & chest

*posses bacteriostatic So fungi static properties specially against ptiyrosporum ovale

*Contain vitamin E & pantothenol which protects hairs from sun damage & discoloration

*Add softness & shine & volume to hair, leaves silky, soft & easy to comb hairs

*Poses extra ordinary tolerance & can be used with repeated frequency

So Proved by clinical studies that 0.5% piroctone olamine have a more prolonged efficacy on clinical symptoms as compare to other antidandruff like selenium.

Pirox Plus Shampoo COMPOSITION:

0.5% pircotone olamine,2% traiminodil (4-Pyrrolidine 1-oxide) 0.5% pantothenol,0.03% vitamin E.

Mode Of Action


is a vasodilator and having a prelogical activity like Minoxidil, prepared for a treatment of hair loss problem.

Pirox Plus Shampoo TRIAMINODIL improves the local blood supply of the hair follicle, which improves delivery of nutrients necessary for the growth

of the hair follicle root normalizes functions, reduces excessive hair loss due to various reasons, stimulates hair growth, activates

so the vascular endothelial growth factor-VEGF. piroctone lamina binds irreversibly to intracellular compounds and act fungicidally by

interaction with iron metabolism, Moreover metabolic activity and oxygen accessibility. So Principal mode of anti fungal activity of ciclopirox olamine  is due to iron chelation, which restricts the availability of iron to the fungal cell and consequently inhibits growth.

Pirox Plus Shampoo PROPERTIES:


(4-Pyrrolidin 2,6-Diaminopyrimidine 1-Oxide)

Secondly TRIAMINODIL is an innovative molecule against hair loss. TRIAMINODIL is a derivative of an active substance used in many preparations called minoxidil which prevents hair loss and regrow hair in both men women.


PIROCTONE OLAMINE is known for its bacteriostatic & fungistatic properties specifically working against malasezzia furfur which lives in the skin & associated with dandruff & other manifestation of flaking on the face and scalp.


Thirdly They protect hair keratin from oxidative damages & discoloration produced by sun.

Pirox anti-dandruff shampoo adds softness shine & volume to the hair leaving

it shiny silky & easy to comb.



Finally the hairs and scalp with warm water & then apply product on those areas.

Gently massage the scalp before washing off. Repeat the first step & allow it to.

Work for two to three minutes without rubbing. Moreover Then rinse it with plenty of water.

It continued use strengths the hair fiber, restoring essential and natural properties to your hair and providing hydration, nutrition

and shine. Prevents and treats hair loss, Favors the strengthening of the capillary growth.

Piroctone Olamine is said to be less toxic than other anti-dandruff

agents, often by passing some of the normal FDA warning

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